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Modern Clay Designs. Hand Built from Slab.


It All Starts with the Slab. 

We start our process by rolling out a slab of locally sourced clay. Each piece, whether wall and countertop tile or dinnerware, is carefully hand built and hand glazed using toxic-free, food safe glazes. Our tiles and dinnerware can be custom ordered and delivered anywhere in the world.


A Family Operation.

Etcetera Tile Co. is a family operation. JT designs and shapes the clay, Ciara wears the business hat and glazes the clay, and Gidget is their little inspiration factory. Together, in a creative warehouse in Gainesville, FL, they create hand made slab rolled tiles and a seasonal line of modern dinnerware.

Ciara and JT have been makers together for almost a decade now. From running one of FL's biggest independent music festivals, Total Bummer, for four years, to printing their own t-shirts, to late afternoons in the pottery studio with their toddler, they love to create together and inspire each other.

Etcetera is their latest and greatest adventure bringing high quality modern clay designs to your home.